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YouTubeKittens hunting

TwitterNow upgrading my Nexus 7 to 4.1.2...

TwitterJust watched Felix Baumgartner set a new record high free fall.

TwitterAshamed of my fellow atheists who don't know the golden rule or the concept of unconditional love.

TwitterI want friends like I had when I was 14.

FlickrJupiter Impact Video


TwitterCaptured and freed 5 crane flies from my house the past 2 days

TwitterAwesome progress today on design and user story brainstorming

TwitterI could take 14 @justinbieber s in a fight!

TwitterThe #Windows8 mail app is pretty good, along with the revamped start menu => screen.

TwitterNow tweeting and serving from Windows 8.

TwitterJon Stewart making fun of the democratic party's prejudices = awesome!

TwitterMy BIOS says my printer is a bootable device

TwitterI just watched the Built from the Cloud Up Keynote at